Terms of Use
We like to keep operating policies simple at PsychicWhy. All are welcome to visit and browse this site and to submit a query through our feedback system. But to order a reading, you must be 18 years of age or older.

While we screen our psychics and test each one, and we are known for our accuracy, integrity, and caring, we cannot guarantee our accuracy.

Our insights are useful as a second opinion, but we cannot take responsibility for decisions you make. And we won’t make your decisions for you.

We reserve the right to limit or deny service. We are psychic advisors, not therapists. If a client becomes too dependent on our services, we will gently pull back and may even refund payment if we believe our services are no longer useful or some other resource would be a better choice.

We immediately report to the appropriate authorities any instances of hate mail, harassment, fraud, or any interference in our normal business operations. And we follow through with the appropriate actions to end any such activity.